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Happy Holidays from Alpine Village in McCall!

Alpine Village - Tuesday, December 24, 2013

There is no more idyllic place to spend the holidays with family and friends than McCall, Idaho.  The peacefulness of the mountains in winter combined with the wide array of recreation opportunities are the perfect match for a holiday vacation.  Here are my top 5 things to do over the Christmas and New Years holiday in McCall.

1.  Go skiing!  I'm an avid skier and Mother Nature likes Brundage Mountain Resort a lot!  The next four months bring fresh powdery snow as consistently as any resort in Idaho.  Brundage is a full service resort capable of all your needs.  Ski and Snowboard rentals, daycare for the little ones, a wide variety of terrain and comfort food and cold or hot drinks when your done with your day.  For the thrill seekers out there, get on board the Brundage SnoCat Adventure for the ultimate backcountry powder experience.

2.  Curl up by the fire.  It's a holiday after all.  Take some time for yourself and chill out.  Recharge the batteries.  It's not often in our daily lives we get to do NOTHING for a morning or afternoon.  Take advantage.  Grab a book or a movie, stoke up the fire and tuck under the blanket.  You won't regret it.

3.  Go sledding.  It's old fashioned, simple, cheap and you can do it almost anywhere.  It will keep your kids busy for hours and it will surprise us grown ups how hard we'll laugh.  It will prompt more than one snowball fight and spin off more than one snow angel.  We don't live at the North Pole, so go out and enjoy the snow while we have it! 

4.  Play a game.  Again...simple.  Turn off the TV, grab an old board game, puzzle or deck of cards.  Prod the grumpiest family member over to the living room and deal them in.  It doesn't matter the game, just give yourselves a couple hours of engagement without the outside world invading.  No cell phones, tablets or video games.  No matter where you're staying in McCall you'll find some tattered old game in a closet.  Dust it off and get your game on.

5.  Soak in a hot spring.  Hot springs are great anytime of year, but they are extra magical in the winter.  It must be the contrast in air temperature versus water, or the sparkling white snow amongst the evergreen forest.  Whatever the reason, it's cool to be outside in a natural hot tub with snow on the ground.  For those who liked the Cat Ski Adventure, get your hot springs experience by snowmobiling in to Burgdorf.  You'll love it!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from everyone at Alpine Village!

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