Alpine Village


Steve and Cindi Testardi, Owners

"Cindi and I have been coming to McCall since we first met in 1988. We started with day trips for hiking and sightseeing, then graduated to area hotels (Hotel McCall was our favorite). The wonderful people, beautiful scenery and abundance of hiking opportunities in the area kept us coming back year after year, and we eventually bought an RV in 1998 so we could spend 2-3 weeks each year camped at Ponderosa State Park or Upper Payette Lake. Buying a home in McCall was just the next step in a natural progression.

We first discovered Alpine Village during one of our camping trips in 2008, when the building was still early in the construction phase. I remember being impressed by the massive concrete and steel infrastructure. On a later trip that year, we visited the newly completed sales and information center and met Cory, who took us on a tour of the still-under-construction building. We liked the one bedroom study units, and we started considering home ownership in McCall in earnest.

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Paul Pennington, Alpine Village Owner

"After having enjoyed a lengthy family history on Lake Coeur d'Alene, and having re-located to the Boise area, my parents convinced us to spend a weekend in McCall. We have been hooked on this area ever since. For Boise area residents, you simply cannot beat it. A calming, beautiful two hour drive, bordered by a winding river, sets your mood for the weekend. Upon your arrival in McCall, your mind immediately sets to creating lists of the various activities that are at your disposal. Beyond the amenities in the city, natural amenities such as a breathtaking lake, rivers, mountains and open space as far as the eye can see are at your doorstep. There are precious few places that can compare to the scenic beauty and the opportunity to truly enjoy outdoor activity that McCall offers its residents.

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